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Product Dimensions: 95' x 80' x 28'
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This is a new unit never used-it is at the supplier in Pennsylvania, USA

Aluminum TFS Fabric Structure
• For Industrial Applications
• Includes 17′ X 17′ Automatic Rollup Door
• Aluminum TFS Structure measuring 24.25 m wide X 28.86 m long (95’L x 80’W x 28’H) with Bell Ends
• 6061 Aluminum Box Beam Frame and Seaman 9319 LTA PVC coated, white + 24 oz/sq yd
translucent fabric meeting temperature specification requirement
• Bell End Mounted 5.3 m X 5.3 m
• Albany Door System
• Model ReCoil Away as specified in RFP
• Framed opening in roof as per specification
• 0.61 m X 0.61 m wall penetrations on Bell Ends
• BC stamped drawings IS20080059-301Frame Install, IS20080059-105 – Baseplate
Detail TFS-RV 25m-310, IS20080059-101A – TFS-RV 25m-310 Baseplate Layout 2 Bell Ends (7)
• Sample photos only