Product Dimensions: 94' x 14'2"
Product Currency: CDN$
Product Status -: Available!
Product Status -: Reduced
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Detailed Information

File: RP105

Price: $100,000

Location of Ramp: At a Waterfront Barge Loading Facility in Powell River, BC

Size: 94′ long, by 14’2″ wide vehicle and equipment loading ramp, in excellent condition,

Construction: three 48″x12″x1″ steel girders, this unit was designed and used
commercially in a ferry terminal as the primary vehicle and equipment loading ramp.

Other: Included in this sale is the ramp itself, the loading apron,
pivot, apron counterweights, and ramp-apron transition plates.

Loading: the owners would be happy to assist you in arranging the logistics
to transport the ramp to your location and assist with the installation if desired – all cost
to the buyer’s account of course.

Weight: Approximately 42 ton

Load Capacity: reported to be rated at 100 tons