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Product Dimensions: 165 x 44 x 12
Product Currency: CDN$
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Detailed Information

File # : CF176
Price: $750K CDN$
Type: 32 man Camp
Barge Built: 1959
Camp Built:  2017 Approx.
Steel Barge dimensions: 165 x 44 x 12 feet
Sewer System: 1200 l Tank with aerobic digester
Fuel Storage: 13,000 gallons – Jet A Fuel -350 gallons gas-1,000 gallons diesel
Storage: Tiger Water Maker
Propane tanks: 1000 Lb Tank
Power Generation: 2 Gensets
Heating System: Hot Water Heat
Structure: 32 single rooms – with double beds – on 3 stories
Mechanical: Air re-circulation system
Exterior: Steel Siding
Interior: Gyproc with linoleum throughout
Washrooms: 2nd floor and 3rd floor floors
Dry Room: Yes – first floor
First Aid Room:  Yes
laundry room – 1st floor  & 2 floor
Heli Pad:  YES
Fire suppression & Alarm system: Yes
Other amenities: Rec room, large TV room, storage room
Bedrooms: Each room – equipped with bed, desk & chair, open wardrobe w/shelving,
individually temperature controlled, doors comply with fire ratings, windows
compliant with fire excavation standards and screened, wired for cable, reading/overhead lights, all outward facing
10 on the 1 floor and 12 on the 2nd, 10 on the 3rd floor.

Kitchen: Sealed industrial vinyl flooring throughout, stainless steel dish wash station with dishwasher,
deep fryer, propane stove w/fire extinguisher system, heated serving steam table, convection oven, walk-in freezer,
walk-in cooler, industrial coffee maker/toaster/milk dispenser, high speed, large capacity mixer,
full bakery, pantry, and separate lunch room